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Whether you’re looking for an event management company to plan and manage your upcoming conference, or an event agency to highlight your brand at your next corporate meeting, RW Events will ensure your event is planned and managed smoothly. We house a team of professional event planners who are passionate about delivering only the best quality event services across the globe.
RW Events are experts in the Events Industry, with many years of experience. We are an award-winning global event consultancy firm based in Dubai that believes in creating experiences that strike emotions and shape opinions.  With each project we undertake, we strive to go above and beyond, providing all our clients with a first class service.  We are therefore ideally placed to provide event consulting services to a wide variety of industries, from defence and aerospace, to pharmaceutical and beyond.

RW Events’ Consultancy Services Help Conceptualise Your Vision

Develop a vision for your event

  • What are your goals
  • How many attendees
  • How much revenue do you intend to make?

Put your team together

  • Gather the right team together to ensure you achieve your goals

Create an event budget

  • Finance might sound boring but regardless of your thoughts, finances are arguably the most important component of any event

Choose your venue and date

Make a list of key practicalities. Here are a few suggestions to think about

  • From the most basic – what kind of parking will you need?
  • Who’s providing the AV – the venue or a specialist AV supplier
  • Wi-Fi – nothing worse than a poor Wi-Fi connection
  • Does the venue have adequate mobile phone reception throughout, or will you need to provide a Wi-Fi connection?
  • How much floor space do you need?
  • Do you need breakout rooms?
  • Good food always makes for a good conference – lunch, breaks, dinner, gala dinners, award dinners
  • Transportation, flights
  • Engaging speakers – whose is a key to audience uptake

Identify and engage event partners and sponsors

  • To make the best of your budget and increase your reach, event partners, corporate sponsors and community partners are the way to go.
  • Buy-in from larger players can open advertising and attendee exposure avenues you may not have had access to before and increase your chance for success. With more sponsors in the mix, your event poses a much smaller financial risk to you

Develop your event branding

  • What is your event name?
  • What’s the theme of the event?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • What’s the colour scheme and overall visual you’re after?

Develop and deploy your event marketing campaign

  • Next on the agenda – it’s time to start raking in those attendee registrations.
  • There are multiple ways to market your event to potential attendees, and each appeal to specific generations. Often, digital marketing strategies are the most useful in our technologically driven age. Nearly everyone has a cell phone (92% of American adults) and a social media profile of some kind (81% of Americans). Based on these figures alone, event planners should focus on the digital marketing

Determine your tech needs

  • Creating a good impression when you walk into the main plenary or exhibition area is very important if you want your audience to hear what’s going on and remain engaged during your event, you need some equipment.

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