Telemarketing/sales and Data Sourcing

Select quality visitors to maintain social distancing with the new norm at your exhibitions or meetings, delegations or hosted buyer programs. Harness the power of telemarketing to strengthen your marketing mix and benefit your event programs. Voice- based contact creates the personal connections that are essential in building quality lead generation. As one of the best lead generation agencies, we ensure strong ROI, attaining high quality sales leads, qualified for the right stage in your sales process.

A strong telemarketing campaign is one of the most productive tools available to build trust in your brand, develop significant, long-lasting relationships with your potential as well as existing customers.

Our Telemarketing Methodology

RW Events’ Telemarketing Services

  • Event Registration
  • Attendee Qualification
  • Visitor Reminder Calls
  • Post Event Follow-up
  • Data Building
  • Lead Generation
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Cold & Warm Calling
  • Inbound/Outbound sales
  • Customer Service Support
  • Help/Technical Support
  • Multi-lingual Telemarketers based in Dubai, Egypt, Morocco, India, Malaysia, Philippines and London

Database Building

Data is your most valuable asset. Customer data base validation is essential if you want to power meeting attendance and achieve your objectives. Data ages, people change at every given time, they move jobs, they get promoted, they resign, and new people get appointed. A bespoke database built from source is the best way to ensure that you reach the right contacts in the right companies.


RW Events database building service can ensure that you have the most accurate and relevant marketing data possible. The problem with marketing data is that it has a very short lifespan – the average database degrades at a rate of 30% a year! Data cleansing takes an existing database, which may not have been looked at in years, and transforms it back into a useful asset. Regardless of whether a database has hundreds of duplicates or is missing large sections of data, RW Events can give your database just the kind of treatment it needs. As with all our solutions, our data cleansing service is available internationally in multiple languages.

Our Database Building Services

  • Lead Generation

Data identification and cultivation of potential customers for your events, products or services.

  • Market Research and Data Collection

Data collection from our qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Data Lead Management and List Hygiene

Cleaning, refreshing, updating the data is carried out during the entire project, to ensure all old contact details are replaced with new updated ones. We also offer custom database development services so as to best suit your requirements.

Our Clients