About Our Company

RW Events & Marketing is the market leader in providing accommodation, travel and on site logistics for worldwide events. We pride ourselves on our personal service, attention to detail and on-site support.

With a combined total of over 20 years experience, RW Events & Marketing, headed by Randy Wright, specializes in travel management solutions for exhibitions and conferences, delegate sales, hosted buyer programs and corporate events, offering competitive, high quality and professional services for events worldwide at very favorable rates.

Continual review of our operations and exploration of new properties, suppliers and services means we are always ahead of the competition and are providing a service which pleases our customers year on year.



RW Events & Marketing is the inspiration of Randy Wright borne out of many years’ experience in the industry and a hunger to provide his clients with industry-leading expertise. He is proud to do things differently… delivering to exacting standard with a personal and service orientated approach.

Global Events

We manage accommodation, travel services and all ground logistics for events and conferences worldwide, we also recruit delegates, hosted buyers and speakers for conferences and manage the entire program.

Our expertise enables us to take into consideration the type of event, and the target market of attendees when selecting properties. We select various hotels ranging from luxury to budget which is most suitable for the travelers, keeping in mind location, facilities, and budgets.

Telemarketing and Data Build Services

Are you looking at increasing the footfall at your shows or meetings, delegations or hosted buyer? Outbound telemarketing is one of the most productive tools available to build trust in your brand, and can result in significant, long - lasting relationships. We offer a comprehensive services which includes, registration, recruitment, visitor reminder calls, data build, attendee qualification, post event follow up and lead generation.