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We have been fortunate to support The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia and KPMG Healthcare Advisory who are jointly hosting a series of six webinars to discuss the current response to Covid-19 and how to capitalize on the lessons learnt so far.  

1. Enhanced Primary Care Role in Combating Covid-19

The first webinar focused on the role of primary care in combatting the spread of the virus, and took place on 22 April, with Dr Niti Pall, KPMG Global Medical Director.

2. Therapeutic Management of Covid-19

This webinar explores the interim guidelines that have been issued and used effectively for the treatment of Covid-19, along with and expert review of these guidelines and sharing of best practices to date. The speaker was Dr Matteo Bassetti, Head of Infectious Diseases, Clinic of the San Martino-IST University Hospital in Genoa and Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Genoa.

3. Global Covid-19 responses

This webinar, with Dr. Mark Britnell, KPMG Global Chairman, Healthcare, Government & Infrastructure, discussed some of the global responses to pandemic, new emerging trends and how all of this is permanently changing the healthcare ecosystem.

3 more webinars are yet to take place in the coming weeks, and dates will be finalized very soon.

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